Oscars 2017



The Oscars was a tumultuous affair tonight in the City of the Angels.  Robert McKenzie winning best sound mixer for Hacksaw Ridge was no exception. It caused quite a stir amongst the “Lovie’s” when it was announced. But true to form it also won Best Film Editing as to make it a respectful decision.

Yes there was an award handed to some dude who shouldn’t be handed to that dude. That wasn’t nice and we hope that person who made the mistake is not only sacked but flogged publicly.  It was a disgrace to the noble profession of acting.

The dresses and frocks were great. Really great. The frocks and things nearly stole the show apart from White Helmut’s winning best documentary short subject which blew the place apart. Also Casey Afflick won best actor for something.

Poems will be written. Poems will be written.


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