Mapping The State-Day . Quangos-The government’s bastard children.


So right. When the government mess up or just can’t do their job they set up what’s known as a quango; so they can do the job for them in a semi state semi private kind of way. A good example would be when the department of the environment and its local councils couldn’t deliver drinking water, the most basic human need they set up Irish Water. This was a tremendous success and the people cheered and feasted for 40 days and nights.

So they set up this organisation that supposed to answerable to the state and the department they are under ie The HSE is supposed to answer to Minister for health. (Supposed being the word there) then they appoint a chairman or woman lets not be sexist, women can do stuff as well, and they appoint a chairman pay him a load of cash and give him a state pension. He appoints a committee and pays them a load of cash and they run their little corner of the state and everyone is happy except for the actual public who get a second-rate service, and foot the bill for gobshites who can’t do their jobs but they cant be fired because THEY ARE GODS-ANSWERABLE TO NO ONE.


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