Sex, Music, Facebook Freaks, Scotch and Star Trek. 5 of my favorite things.

debbie does dallas

Number 1. Sex

Its free. Its fun and its good for you, well most of the time. Its a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon and a good way to meet new people. Try it alone; with a friend or with a group. It’s what weekends are made for.


Number 2-Music

Its been around since the Beatles first ventured over to the colonies in the west. It’s very popular among the youth and the dot-com generation and even my granny used to boogie to Lonnie Donegan. I see a big future for it.




Number 3-Facebook Freaks

I love them so much, they make my life so much more bearable. In fact I’m proud to say I am one. Sometimes when I’m lying awake at night unable to sleep or indeed per-chance to dream, I open up my lap top and post something like “The moon landings were a front for Mormon’s to take over the Burger King franchise” and boom I’m in conversation with a chick named “Jasmine” who was abducted by aliens from Venus and probed for hours.



Number 4-Scotch

 The Scots have been enjoying it for years, ever since the stole the recipe from the Irish and pissed off with it across the water with it. Granted its been the cause of many fights and marital breakups but there is nothing better than the feeling of a 12-year-old malt slipping down your throat. Well some women may disagree (see number 1).



Number 5-Star Trek.

“Space. The final frontier.” The line that proved Gene Roddenberry was never stuck in traffic on the N7 outside Moneygall. If you like this show you may not get much of number 1 but hey life has its ups and downs and it proves you have a brain and the nerds shall inherit the earth eventually. Sexbots are already here and that is solely down to Star Trek Fans.



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