Has the world gone mad or is humanity just going through the menopause?

“So God created mankind in his own image,
in the image of God he created them;
male and female he created them….bet he’s sorry now”



I was reading an article the other day from some Christian freak dude who was claiming the usual stuff about it being the beginning of the end and how humanity is about to face into the “end of days” and how we were to prepare for the forthcoming apocalypse. The time when soon the Lord will come down on some sort of “magical elephant” to judge the righteous from the evil and then the good will get beamed up to the Starship Enterprise and the rest would be “left behind” presumably to get drunk and shag everything that moves.

Nothing new there.

I like a good story.


But at the same time I was reading another blog from a well-known “Social Philosopher and Feminist” who was annoyed that there was men at a recent women’s rally she was at. This was annoying her so much she wrote a whole blog about it….at a time when people are trying to divide people by blowing them to shit; she was giving out that there was people of all genders and religions and sexes coming together for the one cause.  And I started thinking…..maybe the whole world is fucked. Maybe it is the end of days. Maybe humanity has had its time.

Maybe it is time for Jesus and his elephant.

Or maybe I drank too many White Russians last night.

I’m sure I’ll feel brighter tomorrow.



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