Spotlight Sessions by Collective Productions at Doyle’s Bar Dublin.


It was a typical balmy Sunday night as I joined the  crowd that had gathered at the Spotlight Sessions. This was the second of these sessions run by the Collective Productions designed to showcase new talent from all over Dublin as to “highlight a number of genres that make each act individual

I liked the sound of that, so I join the “Cool Cats” at the bar. The place is quiet to start off like most gigs, things normally don’t heat up till people have had a pint or two but the atmosphere is friendly and good-natured and I settle down for what promises to be a good evening and the first act was no disappointment.


Sarah Kinlen.

Sarah is a song writing talent and actor from Dublin who supported Supergrass at The Academy, even played for the President Micky D. So no slouch. This woman has talent.

And Indeed she has. Folky blues at its rarest and finest. Genuine. Honest. Heartfelt lyrics mixed with a voice that could sink a man’s heart from a thousand paces. Her number TWO SIDES proves this. But my joyful moment with this young and talented lady came with her wonderful ODE TO REDHEADS. Humour used in such a way is hard to come by.


Keith Kirwin

As Bob Dylan once said “Give me an honest man with a guitar and a story and I’m happy”

I was too.

Young Keith is only 18. But with a soul and a vision much older. His melodic guitar playing is beyond his years. He’s a guy with a hard past and you could feel it in his track CALL ME YOURS, a rollercoaster ride of pure raw emotion. A look back on his past but always with a view to the future.

Then Girls and Stuff.  Wow is all I can say. (Plus he sang it to his girlfriend on stage)



Rosie Timmons

A new and emerging artist on the music scene. A soulful diva with echos back to the greats of Motown. Her song GONNA BE will stay in my mind for a while to come. She has a cheeky endearing stage presence with a band that is top-notch. Great old-fashioned soul and blues mixed with modern hip hop and dare I say rap that leaves an audience wanting more. But it wasn’t all that which endeared me to her. It wasn’t the sparkle and the band which by the way were sublime but near the end she sang a song called LOVE OF A GRANDPA an ode to her late grandfather which had me, even me welling up. A voice of the future. This girl will go places.


After all this we were treated to an open mic which featured some other great talent……all for 8 quid??!!


Seriously one of the best open mics in town and long may it continue. Its rough and ready and raw and that’s what music should be.






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