Grainne Fahy-War

The mother used to tell me “son, the devil is in the detail” well it’s the little details that make Grainne Fahy, a young Mayo native, a very special prospect for the future.

Forget for a moment she is a teenager doing her Leaving Cert, it’s the little details like her maturity, her soulful vocals that reach into your heart and playfully makes it miss a beat.
It’s the little details like the genius of her guitar playing that instantly transports one to a sandy beach in an alcove of some far shore, sipping a dry martini and watching the tide slowly coming in.

The little details like her gut wrenching lyrics of love driven angst that bring back memories of every heart break this lost boy has ever had.

The little details.

The song instantly drags you in. Its clever intro sets the riff and rhythm of the song and she catches you with her opening lyrics “suit yourself, ‘cause I don’t care. I don’t want to be like you” It makes you smile a wicked smile just imagining what a complete ass your ex really was.

A sharp intake of breath, as the song continues at a “ancora” pace, which playfully lulls the listener into the middle 8 and the feeling of pure blissful escape.
Look I’m going a little deep here. I understand. But with a talent like this one can’t help but be a little in awe.

Again the little details.

We have had many young artists talking about love and loss and heartbreak and you think to yourself “they don’t know what they are talking about”; Grainne makes you believe. She takes you on the journey with her and it’s one you won’t want to get off

This girl will be big.

That’s no little detail.


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