The Beatles in Dublin and Irish Women getting their rocks off.

According to historian Alan Petigny, the roots of the Sexual Revolution are not found in the 1960s at all.  Petigny focuses on vital statistics about births to unmarried mothers because those births wouldn’t have taken place if there hadn’t been some premarital sex going on:


“The overall picture painted by vital statistics is clear and unambiguous.  Between 1940 and 1960, the frequency of single-motherhood among white women increased by more than two-and-one-half fold, rising from 3.6 newborns to 9.2 newborns per thousand unmarried women of childbearing age.  Among all women, single motherhood rose from 7.1 newborns to 21.6 newborns per thousand women of childbearing age.”

th (12).jpg


In 1960, the Beatles were not only still debating whether to call themselves the Beatles or the Silver Beatles, but they had never set foot in the United States before and they had yet to make their first publicly available recording.  If you had asked Americans in 1960 what musicians were most responsible for an increase in premarital sex and out-of-wedlock births (assuming they didn’t find the question completely bizarre), they probably would have pointed to the “bobby soxers” who went crazy for Frank Sinatra in the 1940s.


Beatles sexy


From the day The Beatles arrived in Dublin at the height of Beatlemania in 1963 and Paul McCartney announced `it’s great to be home’, the Fab Four never hid their love for Ireland. By the end of that decade John had bought an island off the Mayo coast, and in the 1970s John and Paul were writing songs about the troubled events in Northern Ireland. But also they had a major influence on the female population of the country. One could argue they started the sexual revolution of women in Ireland.

One could argue that women started orgasming as soon as the plane landed.

Well, who would blame them?


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