The Solid Sessions-Empire Swords.

Formed by created by Ian Monahan And Steve Metzler, is a Fingal-based music collective.  Our mission is to provide an easy to use distribution platform for independent artists so they can promote their songs to the widest possible audience with a minimum of hassle. Our online platform features bands and performers from Ireland and every continent on the globe. It is used by music lovers all over the world and is 100% free.

The next logical step for us was to put on a live gig of some of our artists and bands that we knew. Step up THE EMPIRE who offered us the best venue in Swords for live music and hence the solid Sessions.

“Here in semisolidradio we are dedicated to finding and promoting original music”

Once upon a time, Swords was a hub for live music, with tons of new bands playing their own music live in various venues. The main venue was the hotbox that was The Slaughtered Lamb on the Main street. Many a night was spent in the company of beer, wine and Vox amps down in the cellar. Somewhere between the Celtic Tiger, The Great Recession, and Celtic Tiger 2 we lost it. And with it, we lost a bit of Swords but thankfully it’s back……..with the Solid Sessions and The Empire Swords.





So its Thursday 25th January and the atmosphere is electric downstairs in the Empire, and the audience is waiting anxiously so the ever so handsome man who is  MC gets behind the microphone and introduces the first act for the night. Ladies and Gentleman MADRA 

Madra doing their thing at the Solid Sessions.

“Madra are a rock ‘n’ roll band from Dublin, an intense, tight and solid three-piece. Each member brings their own diverse and unique styles and tastes in music, but it is the guitar driven, drum pounding, bass thumping rock ‘n’ roll of the 60’s and 70’s that shines through their original material.”

And what a way to start. Their sound lingers to the walls and bounces through the eardrums. The crowd loves them and sure why wouldn’t they? Cracking tunes like “Give it some gas” and everyone’s favourite  “Get Up”. The crowd feels the force of Madra as does yours truly.

“Great sound and organiation on the night” -Madra

For more see Madra 

Boomchild-The craziest dudes in Rock n Roll

And now, Lord help us….its BOOMCHILD

“Boom Child are a chaotic rock trio from Dublin. Their music is an irreverent mix of punk, funk, and power pop. They released their debut “The Super Edible EP” in 2016 on the first 100% edible music format. “I can’t tell if this trio is just very funny or if they are taking the piss” said Larry Little the former Killers Manager.

We were trying to figure that one out ourselves as they place their lucky charm of a milking cow on the centre of the stage and proceeds to give it some sort of blessing.

What a band.

The place is going crazy as these legends take to the stage with the force of a Black and Decker superpower drill.  It hard to explain what these lads do to an audience. It hard to explain a lot of things with these lads. It’s old-fashioned rock n roll from a time when rock n roll was fun. And everyone loves their fabulous “I want to shift your sister” and “Wreaking my head”  I don’t want them shifting my sister but they do wreak my head in such a wonderful way.

“Id boomchild these lads anyday”-Mrs L. OF Hearing (formally a teacher)

For more see Boomchild

Mama Martin-One word “Amazing”


Mama Martin majestically takes to the stage after the break which had some kick-ass tunes from our resident DJ Dan.

“Since getting together the Mama Martin Band, have been developing a strong following, both online, and at their gigs throughout the country. Inspired by the early blues masters and more recent rock icons like Cream and  ZZ Top, they have melded together with an array of musical styles, to create an energetic and melodic mix of pure rock and roll magic.

Frontwoman Andrea Martin holds the crowds with her unique brand of sass and vicariousness that helped the band to victory at the Radio Nova Battle Of The Bands.”

This band are pure entertainers of the highest degree and the crowd feels it. Moving from slow to fast numbers with the ease of a jaguar, they are simply one of the best live bands around at the moment. Their musicianship is without fault and plays together like a group that know each other for so long they are literally reading each other’s minds. Absolutely amazing.

“Really enjoyed gig and happy to come back working on some live recordings and will get set up on semisolidradio soon”-Mama Martin

For more see Mama Martin

Jailbirds just rocking the place to death-Literally

And to end the evening, we needed a band from Swords and Australia so who else but the fabulous JAILBIRDS

“The four members produce a unique, dynamic, energetic and explosive sound defining the new generation of hard rock having mainly been influenced by Australian pub rock bands such as AC/DC, Airbourne, Rose Tattoo and other successful bands for example Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden, Foo Fighters, just to name a few.”

Ah lads!!! If you had to end a gig…no better than these lads. The noise. The wonderful noise. Not only did you hear these lads, you felt them right through to your soul. The crowd is nearly on-stage with them. The place is bouncing and I mean bouncing. So much the lads have to get someone to sit on the drum kit to stop it heading down to Rivervally. I can’t describe to you the atmosphere as these lads paid tribute to Thin Lizzy during the set. What a way to end a night.

For more see Jailbirds

From all of us at the Solid Sessions: Ian, Steve, Erika, Dan, and Noel, thanks to our partner Empire Swords, all the acts and most importantly the crowd on the night.

Roll on March 8th and round two of the sessions.


poster fb.jpg
Coming soon to an Empire near you-The Solid Sessions II



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