Purgatory; Archaic Season 3

A steamy hot night in Dublin, and a steamy hot night of theatre. 2 plays in one night for these now seasoned playmakers; Imagine a Memory and D, D, and D. Both written by the amazing Luke Corcoran and also directed by him with Jason Deeney directing Imagine a Memory.


Imagine a Memory is a very powerful piece of new Irish writing. Sean is a superstar. A comedic legend whose very presence makes people fall in love with him. A man who has been around the circuit and knows how to play to an audience. A man of action. Jack is a throwback to his past. In many ways the very opposite of Sean, an artist, a thinker, a man of words and very little action. However, they find themselves trapped together and in a constant struggle for recognition. But time is running out, and to escape they must both embrace the sides of each other that they fear the most.


This is a truly unique, and original piece of work. It captures the audience from the very beginning and carries it away on its back. The unfolding storyline is rich in colour, and the sensational performances by actors Luke Corcoran and Conor Hackett make this one of the most enjoyable and deliciously disturbing pieces I have seen in a long time. One doesn’t often get to say this about Irish theatre, but it really is a pioneering success.


The second piece D, D and D is a masterclass in comedy. You know what is like when you’re having problems with the other half and you meet a druid in the supermarket and he hands you a Dungeons and Dragons Pre Marriage Counseling Fantasy Adventure Game? You bring it home, open it and you find it contains a bottle of poitin, a bag of cocaine and dragon-shaped bong with a mysterious substance in it? You start the game and conjure up a Scottish dwarf who takes over your kitchen? No? Well, you have to see this piece.

It is pee the pants funny. That’s about as funny as I get on the scale of funniness. The tempo of this is non stop. And absolute credit goes to actors Manuel Pombo, and Cherley Kane but especially to  Luke Collins who steals the show from his very first appearance. A special word of congratulations goes to the set designer Jennifer Keane for her genius.

Purgatory; Archaic Season 3 is an unmissable night of theatre. I would highly recommend you go to it. It runs from 4th to the 6th of June in the International Bar. So why are you reading this? Get your tickets from Eventbrite and at the door.


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